15 sept – FAQLab ‘s Hertogenbosch

Ten ere van de opening Willem Twee Studio’s – organiseren we als afsluiter een FAQLab event….

Sniffer manual

data sniffer build guide…

Plum wood CreepCluster

The first case experiment with self cut plum wood (from my garden), this is a CreepCluster raw! (with starve mod)…

SONICrider modular set with Noise! & Creepcluster

“Koma Warnung” is probably the best warning till now……

RGB Fraktion Video liveset at STRP Festival 2017

With modular DIY and custom LZX and 3TrinsRGB-1c instruments! Click for Video…

New release – Hyoscyamus Grimoire

A brutal noise drone release from reverselandfill – all DIY modular instruments!!…

Busboy 9000 v2 – active Eurorack busboard

The new version of the Busboy 9000, a small format, 9 position shrouded header busboard for eurorack cases….

Aconitum Noise mixer

Check out my new 3 channel¬† CV mixer with 3 types of analog noise….

release – Selftaught Autopsy

noise – experimental album by reverselandfill…

release – Scarred Fluid Esther

Release of an older album (2016) by reverselandfill….