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LZX Cadet system update

My current LZX video synth. More VCO’s are in the making. I miss the patching freedom of the banana’s, so I might revert to that !…

Noodlefest VJ pictures

Noodlefest VJ show @ PinkPank by RGBFraction 29-09-2017…


New LZX DIY videosynth modules I made, from schematics on the LZX website….

Ginkofest Modular DIY + Workshop – 9-11 June

GINKO MODULAR FEST 2017 will be held at De Besturing in The Hague (NL)…

LZX Cadet Patch sheets

I’ve made an Illustrator LZX Cadet module patch sheet template with knobs and switches that can be rotated / moved….

Modulab STRP Photo’s

Live show at STRP Festival Eindhoven. A whole day of flashing colors 🙂…

Vimeo channel

Kytopia Modulations 22-01-17

Modular workshop + AV performance @ Kytopia – Utrecht…

W2 Fusie – 21-01-17

Reverselandfill Analoge DIY modulaire audio en video @ W2 Fabriek – ‘s Hertogenbosch…

LZX System 21

I’ve made a LZX system 21 modular video synthesizer. All layouts and panels are custom.