Standalone Creep box

This is the prototype of a standalone Creep Cluster drone synth….

Noodlefest VJ pictures

Noodlefest VJ show @ PinkPank by RGBFraction 29-09-2017…

Sick 3trinsRGB-1c Comparator Panel

Check out this AWESOME panel made by EpicGeekPoetry, based on one of my example video’s of the comparator!…

Noodlefest 2017

The Noodlebar celebrates its 5 year existence!! 3 days of modular mayhem in Rotterdam – 29 sept to 1 okt…


New LZX DIY videosynth modules I made, from schematics on the LZX website….

GOGBOT pictures

Creep Cluster Build Guide

Here is the buildguide for the Creep Cluster v0.3 – 9v buildguide_9v bugfix:  IC 2 (CD4053) has a small bug . Pin 6, 9 and 10 should have been connected to GND, but are not. Use a snipped off piece of resistor leg to connect these pins to GND. Pin 7 and 8 are GND….

Workshops at GOGBOT Festival 2017

I’m doing workshops with my new Creep Cluster drone synth and also the new version of the Noise! synth at GOGBOT Festival 2017!!…

DIY CreepCluster and Noise box

The CreepCluster and Noise in one box of Mayhem! by Jurgen / SONICrider – 2017

Ginkofest Modular DIY + Workshop – 9-11 June

GINKO MODULAR FEST 2017 will be held at De Besturing in The Hague (NL)…