Month: August 2018

15 sept – FAQLab ‘s Hertogenbosch

Ten ere van de opening Willem Twee Studio’s – organiseren we als afsluiter een FAQLab event….

RGB Fraktion Video liveset at STRP Festival 2017

With modular DIY and custom LZX and 3TrinsRGB-1c instruments! Click for Video…

New release – Hyoscyamus Grimoire

A brutal noise drone release from reverselandfill – all DIY modular instruments!!…

Busboy 9000 v2 – active Eurorack busboard

The new version of the Busboy 9000, a small format, 9 position shrouded header busboard for eurorack cases….

Aconitum Noise mixer

Check out my new 3 channel  CV mixer with 3 types of analog noise….

release – Selftaught Autopsy

noise – experimental album by reverselandfill…

release – Scarred Fluid Esther

Release of an older album (2016) by reverselandfill….

release – Science of Failure

A new album by reverselandfill…

LZX Castle patch template

Patch sheet template file for the new Castle modules for the LZX video modular.Knobs and switches are added to set parameters. This is a Illustrator file. Click the download link to get started!! main2Download I have to finish my DIY projects to make examples 🙂  just waiting on some extra parts !