The Veratrum does not follow the rules

Arjan AKA pAn=Ac made an extensive demo reel of all kinds of interesting audio textures, sounds effects, drones, noises and percussion that are possible with the Veratrum module.


“The Veratrum as a versatile and quirky VCO-bank leads you to all kinds of crazy places !”

“I had a lot of fun exploring the Veratrum module from Reverselandfill and Fruku.
these jams are part of the demo-recordings I made.
All recordings are one-takes, no overdubs or eleborate sequencing,
just some FX and postprocessing.”

“These patch-examples will give you a rough idea of what you can achieve with the knob-settings itself, the filter,the 3 CV-inputs and the 2 touchpads.

All you hear is the Veratrum recorded directly,
no VCA-ADSR stage has been used and no FX.”