This module uses a lowpass filter to achieve blur / softening trail type effects.
It has a blur amount potmeter, a gain adjustment to match/unmatch the blurred image to the dry signal when using CV and a switch for 3 different blur range settings.
There is an input jack, output jack and video rate CV control over DRY / WET (no effect / effect)
You can use this effect on all kinds of video shapes or video input signals for interesting results.
With camera feedback you can create (voltage controlled) soft trailing wash-outs and fades.
The CV input can be adjusted between 0-1v or 0-5v for easy interfacing with other eurorack modules.


  • Blur amount pot
  • Gain adjust pot (to match the dry signal to the blurred tint, or offset the gain for other effects)
  • Blur range > 3way switch (blur/blurry/extreme smear)
  • Input jack
  • CV over dry / wet signal
  • Output jack
  • 4HP black panel

trimpot for cv range (0-1v to 0-5v) with testpad
trimpot for gain adjust
jumper for blur to white or blur to black* more on this in the upcoming buildguide

Power usage: ?
Suitable for HD: yes
Reverse polarity protection
4HP panel, grey / transparent knobs
Depth: 50mm
Signals: Video (optimised for 0-1v LZX format video)


Available as Module, DIY kit, PCB set
DIY page