Category: DIY

SNOW – Analog video noise

2 channel analog video (transistor based) noise source, with some nice additions…..


A new eurorack module for noise and texture sounds – internship project…

Video Experiment Board

A pcb made to experiment with video DIY projects!…

CMIX – a 6 channel video mixer

The CMIX is a 6 channel mixer for LZX format video signals.It is used for mixing several sources into complex patterns and shapes….

Monotropa II

The new 7 band feedback distortion module….

Noise v8

The newest version of the Noise module!…

Monotropa v3

The third revision of the Feedback EQ distortion module…

Monotropa v2

The second revision of the Feedback EQ distortion module…

Video Matrix Mixer

a 4×3 matrix mixer for LZX modular systems….


pencil synth manual…


Monotropa is a 3 band feedback equalizer distortion module…

Triple Function Generator

For modular video DIY….


A five channel audio mixer with 3 outputs for easy feedback routing….

Buffered sync busboard for video DIY

This buffered sync busboard is designed for connecting several Cadet / DIY modules that use the 14 pin sync bus.You need a Cadet Sync generator or Visual Cortex as sync source….

Sniffer manual

data sniffer build guide…

Busboy 9000 v2 – active Eurorack busboard

The new version of the Busboy 9000, a small format, 9 position shrouded header busboard for eurorack cases….

Aconitum Noise mixer

Check out my new 3 channel  CV mixer with 3 types of analog noise….

Busboy 9000

I’ve made a compact 9 position passive Eurorack busboard….

Creep Cluster

The new PCB’s are in, with some cool features!…

Triple Comparator

Triple voltage controlled comparator module for the Gijs Gieskes 3TrinsRGB-1c Videosynthesizer….

Noise! Oscillator

Noise! OscillatorThe Noise! Synthesizer is a CMOS (logic IC) based instrument….