An updated and renewed desktop version of my CreepCluster drone synthesizer.

A drone synth that makes deep and low bass drones with phasing movements.
This tiny desktop unit make a wall of howling sounds!!


The two Trianglewave oscillators are routed through an analog switch that is clocked at audiorate
by a Squarewave Oscillator, which causes interesting waveshape alterations and phasing effects.
The Lowpass filter can be used to make nice sweeps!

The image on front & backpanel is based on a drawing by me (made in 2020, see below),
white print on matte black.

Note: powering up (and down) takes some time, because the big capacitors have to fill up.


  • 2x Trianglewave Oscillators with pitchcontrol
  • 1x Squarewave Oscillator with rate control & switchable frequency range
  • 1x Lowpass filter with Cutoff control
  • on-off switch with indicator LED
  • 3.5mm Stereo Jack
  • 9v DC adapter power connection, option for 9v battery


  • Size: 100x80x20mm (100x80x40 with knob height included)
  • Power adapter: DC 9v, 200mA, Negative Center BOSS style, 2,1mm barrel


Available now!

Older version with LDR: