This buffered sync busboard is designed for connecting several Cadet / DIY modules that use the 14 pin sync bus.
You need a Cadet Sync generator or Visual Cortex as sync source.

There is one 14pin sync input and nine sync outputs.
The busboard has two C-sync outputs for LZX modules that use RCA connections.
One of these RCA outputs has a vertical RCA socket, the other one has solderpads.
This board needs to be powered and has one 16pin power header.
For more custom systems there are also 2 “screw terminal” type connectors.
Size: 19.7 x 4.1 cm

This project is open source.
You can use the schematic to make your own boards, but please:
-Mention my name “Reverselandfill” or “M.Verhallen”
-Only do non-commercial runs. Private use only.

Original design thread: 1
This project was made possible by the kind help of L.Larsen and users of the LZX community forum.
Special thanks goes to user Agawell for his help testing the RCA sync output.

M.Verhallen / 1 2019

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