The second revision of the Feedback EQ distortion module

4 band feedback EQ distortion.

2x audio / CV inputs
2x audio / CV outputs
EXT audio input, EXT audio outputs (SEND RETURN path)

4 potmeters for frequency volume
1 potmeter for feedback amount
1 potmeter for gain amount

Use this effect as a sound destructor, weird oscillator, CV mutator.
Route effects through the EXT path for more audio mangling and adding CV ‘sidechain’ control over the feedback path.

Demos: soon!
The old ones are here:

The v2 build needs a few adjustments:
snip off the legs 8 & 9 of IC2. (or lift them and solder them together. they should not connect to the IC socket pin 8&9)
Do not place R18
Link C26 (solder a wire there)

These modifications are needed to have a negative feedback path.
I overlooked this in the final design. It is an easy fix though 🙂
It would also be a waste to throw away all pcb’s with this tiny error.

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