Monotropa is a 3 band feedback equalizer distortion module

3 EQ bands
feedback control
volume control
input jack
output jack
ext feedback loop input jack
ext feedback loop output jack

Use it as a sound destructor, VCO, effect, sidechain other modules via the ext feedback routings and more!

It will make any sound bigger, add bass, mids and highs with resonant qualities and can completely distroy your beats and percussion. Change clean beats to hardcore terror kicks!

With no input, it can act as a VCO with weird waveform shapes.
This is because it can selfresonate and has 3 ‘peaks’ that create the waveshape. The frequency range goes from sub audio to ultrasonic. Input CV into the input. It won’t track 1v/oct but is can be a nice addition to your sound. Drones with grit!

With an external module routed through the ext in and outputs (like send and returns), it will make even more comples distortion. If the other module has CV control, the Monotropa will effectively have control as well, as the external path is inserted into the feedback loop.
In this way, you can tune the feedback pitch with a sequencer or have it act as a sort of sidechain function when you use a reverb or delay module.
You can also send the out into a FM input of a VCO , the output back into the ext input and make even more weird noise, blips and chaotic sounds.

The EQ section is partly inspired by the Boss GE7 and the Music Thing Modular Graphic EQ.

Use this module for extreme sound processing, waveshaping, drum and percussion distortions and more!

The module can self resonate and thus can be used as soundsource.
Use the ext in and outputs to introduce other modules such as filters, delays, bitcrushers and so on, into the feedback loop.

On the back is a jumper for positive or negative feedback. Remove the jumper to use this module as a normal Equalizer.

This Module is for sale at 95,- euro (pre-built by me) – mail me for info or go to my Etsy page.
PCB and Kit options will be available later this month.

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