Noise! Oscillator
The Noise! Synthesizer is a CMOS (logic IC) based instrument.

The Noise! Oscillator has 4 squarewave oscillators that modulate each other,
go through a clock divider and are mixed and shaped.
The module has 3 internal patchbays where the clock divisions can be patched together to get more evolving sounds.

Sound samples:

Build files for version 6c – 2019 (if you don’t see the manuals, reload the page. else, download the files)
note: the PCB silkscreen is not so clear. Refer to the picture of the PCB in the buildguide when building.

Schematics: noise6c

Older versions:

Build note for version 6b
there is only one change: c3 has another value: 470pf
Use the buildguide v6 below.

Build files for version 6 (blue reverse edition)
Noise 6 bom
build document v6_9v_english
build document v6_eurorack_english

Build files for version 5f —|>>>>
build document v5f_eurorack_english
build document v5f_9v_english
Noise user BOM
noise frontpanel2
noise backpanel2

Build files for version 5d —|>>>>
build document v5d_9v_english
build document v5d_eurorack_english
v5b eurorack panel
9v panel voor rednoise_starve_3jacks

Mail me for build guide of older versions!

Build package for v4.2:

Dual Noise! total extended banana crossmod > by me

Patchable green Noise! > by William

Stylish Noise! > by STOJ

Wooden Noise! > by Minnie890