A five channel audio mixer with 3 outputs for easy feedback routing.

Black panel with 555 pentagram – the extra evil mixer!

-5 channel audio mixer
-5 channel volume potmeters
-1 SUM gain potmeter
-2 normal outputs
-1 inverted output

For feedback mixing:
route output 2 to an effect, for example a distortion, equalizer, filter
Patch the output of that effect back into a channel of the Pentamix.
Open up that certain channel for unholy feedback sounds of the other dimension.
The inverted output gives other results. try it!

This is an easy project, very suitable for beginners as a first soldering project.
Highly functional for any modular user!

The only change with version 3 is that it has reverse power protection diodes.

If you are interested: mail me!

Buildfiles v3:

Older files:
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