RGB Crossfader with interesting routings

The XFADE has 1x crossfade potmeter, 1x switch to change the normalisations, 2×3 input jacks, 3x CV jacks and 3x output jacks.

This way you can crossfade between two sets of full RGB signals with one knob or one CV source.

The other setting let you use the potmeter for crossfading separate channels while controlling one or more channels with CV sources. The middle setting disables the knob (extra feature thanks to the 3way switch)
The CV voltage range can be set from 0-1volt up to 0-5volt with a trimpot on the backside.

Expensive parts: 3x LT1256
Difficulty level: medium hard : vertical resistors and all parts are close together to make it fit on one pcb


Starting tips:
Start with soldering the diodes, ferrites, IC sockets and 100nF caps.
Then solder all standing-up resistors.
Adjusting the trimmer: set to 1v for normal LZX system use.