Example patches for simple shape synthesis


Modules used:
Cadet VCO 2x
Cadet Fader
Cadet Hard Key
Cadet Sync & RGB Encoder

Set VCO1 to 3 vertical bars
Set VCO2 to 5 horizontal bars
Set the Fader AB knob to fully CW, Attenuator to fully CCW
Set the Hard Key Treshold at 11 ‘o clock, Attenuverter CCW

The result is a circle mask. Adjust the VCO frequencies to make the circles more round.
Route the Fader output through a Processor to invert this effect.

Basic Processor use

Module used:
Cadet VCO
Cadet Processor
Cadet Sync & RGB Encoder

Set processor switch to PRE
Turn the Attenuverter from CCW to CW
Notice the inverting, or phase shifting action.

Now set the Processor to POST
Set the Attenuverter fully CCW
Adjust the BIAS a bit CW until you see something alike the first image.
Now turn the Attenuverter knob from CCW to CW.

Snowflake basic patch

Modules Used:
Cadet Ramps
Cadet VCO 2x
Cadet Hard Key
Cadet Fader
Cadet Sync & RGB Encoder

Use stackcables or a multiple to connect the ramp outputs together.
First patch up Block A.
Adjust the Hard Key knobs to finetune the shape.
Then add Block B and the mixer.