Monotropa mk2

Monotropa II is a 7 band feedback equalizer distortion module.
It has 8 knobs to control the seven resonating frequency bands and the feedback amount.
With a switch you can break the feedback path, making it a perfect performance feature.
There are 6 jacks; 2 inputs, 2 outputs and a send and return path that enables you to insert another module
in the feedback path to sidechain the feedback amount.

The Monotropa is an extreme distortion effect and can also be used as an oscillator, CV mutator and resonator.

7 bands EQ
Feedback amount control by potmeter and switch
2x Inputs
2x Outputs
1x Send & return in the feedback path

Power use: ?
Reverse polarity protection
8HP panel, grey / black knobs
Depth: 25mm
Signals: Audio

Available as Module, DIY kit, PCB set
DIY page