An even more custom Bastle Kastle modular synth

With 2mm banana patchbay, aluminium tower shaped knobs, oak wooden case in the shape of a castle layout. It has a on/off switch, indicator LED and a DC power inlet.

The case is made from Italian oak wood. I have hollowed out the solid block with a deep router setup at my workshop. Then I made the castle layout shape with a band saw. The wood was then finished with Tung oil to give it a dark and shining look.

I turned the aluminium knobs on a Lathe, then added the details with a Milling machine (the battlements). I also tapped a 3mm set screw hole.
The 2mm banana sockets are upcycled from modular lab equipment.

The insides are handwired, which is a big job!
I used 9mm alpha potmeters and stereo jacks for the in- and outputs.

If you are interested in a custom Kastle or other synth, please contact me at