@ Noise.kitchen in Praha. Build a Monotropa, Barton drums or Bastl filter

Another cool workshop!
Tip: destroy your clean Barton Analog Drums with the Monotropa!
This is what that sounds like:

— Come join us on another one of our soldering workshops. As always, the workshop is beginner friendly.
What’s on the menu:

ReverseLandfill Monotropa – an easy to build 4 band feedback EQ distortion unit with the ability to mix 2 incoming signals. A pair of send/return jacks allow you to insert additional signal processors (like filters, delays etc.) into the feedback path.

The BMC-25 FM Drum was created to make far-out and strange sounds, using a modulation oscillator to tweak the frequencies of the audible VCO, which has a CV control for pitch. Both oscillators can be switched between Square/Triangle shapes. It can produce a very wide palette of sounds – super beefy kick drums as well as very high pitched metallic percussions are all within range.

The BMC-18 Analog Drum – a percussive module that allows you to make kick, tom and bell-like sounds. One decay envelope controls the volume, the other modulates the pitch – the amount of pitch modulation can be tweaked.

Bastl’s Cinnamon is a state-variable voltage controlled filter that can deliver output signal in low-, hi-, and bandpass. Thanks to the drive and character switches, it grants the user more flexibility when they need it.

You can find info on Barton Musical Circuits’ modules at their website: http://www.bartonmusicalcircuits.com/?mc_cid=d4e6c8338e&mc_eid=UNIQID

The Monotropa’s details can be found from ReverseLandfill: https://www.reverselandfill.org/diy/monotropa-v3/?mc_cid=d4e6c8338e&mc_eid=UNIQID

For info on Bastl Instruments, head on to:


The prices are noted below, please bring cash to pay on the spot:

BMC-18 Analog Drum – 1200 CZK (medium length build)
BMC-25 FM Drum – 1200 CZK (long build)
Bastl Cinnamon Filter – 2500 CZK (medium length build)
ReverseLandfill Monotropa V3 – 1800 CZK (short, simple build)

To reserve your spot, send us a message at Store@noise.kitchen – please note which module you want to build.