I made these new boutique standalone instruments.
The cases are made from solid blocks of mahogany wood.

Finished instruments:
I made a series of 12 instruments, based on these versions. All were unique and had different knobs, laserprints and feature sets, but all were based on a combination of my Noise synth and CreepCluster drone voice.
-NoiseCreep Deluxe (CreepCluster & Noise with 7 touch / patchpoints and a 2 channel mixer)
-SwitchNoise Deluxe (Noise with 3 clockdivider switch LFO’s and a starve control)
-CreepCluster Deluxe (CreepCluster with Multiturn pots, starve and range switch)

They were for sale at my Etsy Shop, all sold out now. I will be making new wooden synths next year (2022)

CreepTree with white knobs
one of the first CreepCluster synths with multiturn knobs
CreepTree with lasercut knobs
CreepTree @ http://darwinchamber.com/

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