Jan v.d. Block made a modded version of my noise module.

Mod directions: (by Jan)
On the top of the panel are 2 switches that connect an extra capacitor on OSC3 and OSC4.
Below the 4 CV inputs is a clock input. The trace of Pin 1 of the 4093 is cut, and is now connected with a 100k resistor to +V.
This makes these mods possible:
A 3 position switch (on-off-on?). the left position connects the clock input to pin1 of the 4093.
The middle position sets the normal operation, the right position : the output of OSC4 is connected to pin 1 of the 4093. (the loop mode)
This loop mode can cause a crash, so resistors are connected to the pots (so that the oscillators have a maximum frequency)
The hardwired connections of pin 6 and pin 9 of the 4040 are severed.
2 extra outputs are separate outputs of the 4040 connected via a 1k resistor.

I’ll make a schematic so that other people can try this!

Sound examples will follow soon!