Large format Serge modules. The knobs are temporary, bigger / nicer ones will be fitted later!

I’m busy with the wiring and power now.
These modules will be made soon (hopefully):
-V8 Simulator (CGS08)
-Negative Slew (CGS82)
-Bi-n-tic (custom pcb)
-VCO (2x, CGS48 & custom pcb)
-Wave Multipliers (CGS113)
-Analogic (CGS26)
-Dual CMOS filter (CGS49)
-Super Psycho LFO (2X CGS21)
-Boolean logic (CGS36)
-Stepped Slew Generator (CGS SSG20)
-1973 Filter (CGS77)
-Psycho LFO (CGS03)
-Dual VCA (CGS64)
-Stroh Sample and Shift
-Stroh Fadex
-Barton Wave Animator
-Barton Quad Trapezoid LFO (BCM31)