Noise v8

This Noise voice is based on 4 Squarewave oscillators that modulate each other,
go through a clock divider and are mixed together to create harsh noise and random control voltage.
The result is often unpredictable and evolving, suitable a source for snares, hihats or as ‘unpure’ audio texture designs.
When the range jumpers are placed, a whole new beast appears.
Chaotic structured beats, noise rhythms and artifacts are spitted out.

4x Squarewave VCO with pitch potmeters
4x CV inputs
4x Audio outputs
Patchbay on the backside

Power usage: 19mA +12v / 0mA -12v / 0mA +5v
Reverse polarity protection
8HP panel, grey / black knobs
Depth: 33 mm minimum (with flattened Dupont patch cables)
45 mm maximum (without flattening them)
Signals: Audio and Video (optimised for audio voltages, attenuate for video)

Available as Module, DIY kit, PCB set
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