Noise v9

The Noise! Synthesizer is a CMOS based instrument.

Noise! has got 4 knobs for frequency, 2 range switches, 4 CV inputs, 4 outputs and a patchbay

The Synth is based on 4 Squarewave oscillators that modulate each other,
go through a clock divider and are mixed together to create harsh noise and random control voltage.
The result is often unpredictable and evolving, suitable a source for snares, hihats or as ‘unpure’ audio texture designs.
The two switches set the range of OSC1 and OSC2 (3 options per switch)
With the patchbay you can patch two of the the 12 divisions to go to one (four in total) output jack. (20 patchpoint in total)
Each division sounds different and you can make combinations for even more variation!
It is also possible to patch LDRs or resistors into the patchbay, with interesting results.

4x Squarewave VCO with pitch potmeters
4x CV inputs
2x 3way Range switches (OSC1 + OSC2)
4x Audio outputs
20pin Patchbay on the frontside

Power usage: 19mA +12v / 0mA -12v / 0mA +5v
Reverse polarity protection
8HP panel, grey / black knobs
Depth: 33 mm minimum
Signals: Audio and Video (optimised for audio voltages, attenuate for video)

Available as Module, DIY kit, PCB set
DIY page