Noise on the AUDIODIWHY blog.

Charlie takes it to the next level, again!…

My audio modules are now available at Exploding Shed!

The Monotropa and the Pentamix……

My DIY video modules are now available at RawVoltage!

Go look for yourself……

Monotropa v3

The third revision of the Feedback EQ distortion module…

Monotropa v2

The second revision of the Feedback EQ distortion module…

Instruments MAKE PLAY 2019

14 december I’ll be showing my projects at this festival in Rotterdam…

Video Matrix Mixer

a 4×3 matrix mixer for LZX modular systems….

Triple Function Generator Video

So what can you do with it anyway?…

fiN Studio CreepCluster Build

Christian from fiN Studios did a nice build writeup + timelapse video….


pencil synth manual…


Monotropa is a 3 band feedback equalizer distortion module…

Video Modular Workshop

During the Dutch Modular Festival…

Dutch Modular Festival – 27+28 sept 2019

We will be there again! Video synth workshops , new modules…

RGB Fraction at Geluidsdrug 31-08-19

Geluidsdrug bestaat alweer 5 jaar en gaat daarom groot uitpakken tijdens de 100ste jamsessie in TAC Eindhoven op 1 september….

Castle Kastle

An even more custom Bastle Kastle modular synth…

Triple Function Generator

For modular video DIY….


A five channel audio mixer with 3 outputs for easy feedback routing….

Noise module custom build

Emmanuel Haubry has build a cool noise variation ! Noise Xpanded…

FAQLab 30 june

Jaap Vink special – Feedback systems…

Pulse Modular Festival

Saturday June 15th in Opwijk, Belgium….

Wooden Serge Project

Large format Serge modules. The knobs are temporary, bigger / nicer ones will be fitted later!…

Kustom Kastle

A custom boutique build of the Bastle Kastle synth with banana jacks and a nice wooden case….

AUDIODIWHY builds the Noise! module

Charlie wrote another cool buildreview!…

Creeptree and Swamptree – new instruments

Buffered sync busboard for video DIY

This buffered sync busboard is designed for connecting several Cadet / DIY modules that use the 14 pin sync bus.You need a Cadet Sync generator or Visual Cortex as sync source….

FAQLAB – 3 februari 2019

FAQLab is een terugkerend evenement georganiseerd door Modlab, Willem Twee studios en FAQ Festival gericht op ontwikkelingen en experimenten in de elektronische muziek….

LZX Castle tutorials

Here are two LZX Castle patch examples, as described by mr. Phil Baljeu himself on the LZX Community Forum….

Tentacle Machine

A new CreepCluster case build. With ceramic tentacle knobs, delay and distortion effects and more…

AUDIODIWHY builds and mods the Aconitum module.

We swapped some pcb’s, I got Lunetta noise and random OSC’s and an ASM VCO project, he got my Aconitum…

Temple Drone

A new build of the CreepCluster. Mahogany case with ceramic knobs….

Instruments Make Play – 8 dec – Rotterdam

INSTRUMENTS MAKE PLAY is een platform over bouwers en bespelers van ‘nieuw’ uitgevonden instrumenten….

Noise Eurorack Modded

Jan v.d. Block made a modded version of my noise module….

Gearsluts interview

I was interviewed by at the Dutch Modular Fest 2018 in DenHaag….

Video layout parts

Layout parts for video projects….

11 okt Noodlebar @ Mono

11 oktober Vogel en Stofzuiger will be playing at the Noodlebar – Mono – Rotterdam…

Dutch Modular Fest 2018

28 to 30 September I will be at the festival with DIY kits. …

Sniffer manual

data sniffer build guide…

Plum wood CreepCluster

The first case experiment with self cut plum wood (from my garden), this is a CreepCluster raw! (with starve mod)…

SONICrider modular set with Noise! & Creepcluster

“Koma Warnung” is probably the best warning till now……

15 sept – FAQLab ‘s Hertogenbosch

Ten ere van de opening Willem Twee Studio’s – organiseren we als afsluiter een FAQLab event….