New Soundcloud account

A soundcloud account for reverselandfill recordings…

FAQLAB 14 jan 2018

Beste vrienden, collega’s, en liefhebbers van elektronische muziek, synths en studio’s,…

New Instruments

I made these new boutique standalone instruments. The cases are made from solid blocks of mahogany wood….

2 december : Instruments Make Play

Come see my new boutique instruments at the Worm, Rotterdam…

Busboy 9000

I’ve made a compact 9 position passive Eurorack busboard….

Standalone Creep box

This is the prototype of a standalone Creep Cluster drone synth….

Noodlefest VJ pictures

Noodlefest VJ show @ PinkPank by RGBFraction 29-09-2017…

Sick 3trinsRGB-1c Comparator Panel

Check out this AWESOME panel made by EpicGeekPoetry, based on one of my example video’s of the comparator!…

Noodlefest 2017

The Noodlebar celebrates its 5 year existence!! 3 days of modular mayhem in Rotterdam – 29 sept to 1 okt…


New LZX DIY videosynth modules I made, from schematics on the LZX website….