Triple Comparator v6

Triple voltage controlled comparator module for the Gijs Gieskes 3TrinsRGB-1c Videosynthesizer.

Each Comparator channel (total of three) has 2×1 signal input, 1 CV input, 1 bias potmeter and 2×2 outputs (positive and negative result)
The module is powered by the 3TrinsRGB patchbay. (HIGH and GND)

The module is designed to accept Eurorack CV voltages. (+10 volt envelopes and -5v +5v LFO signals)
Negative voltages will be clipped and the input voltage is scaled to 0 to 2.5v.

This new version (v6) has a 8HP black panel and a large pin patchbay for easy patching.
The CV inputs are normalled to the next channels, so you can control all three channels with one CV input patched, or each channel separately with all channels patched.

3x Bias potmeter
3x CV jack normalised downwards
patchbay with 2×3 inputs, 2×6 outputs, 3x HIGH, 3x GND

Power usage: powered by the 3TrinsRGB1-c
Reverse polarity protection
8HP Black panel, red knobs
Depth: 25mm
Signals: Video and CV

Quickstart manual:

Note: the Bias potmeters have a wide range. Set the knobs to the middle position and make small adjustments from that point..

Patch examples:
Connect slow envelopes or LFO’s to the CV inputs and try these patches:

Video 2 shape:
vid to in1, output to RCV or GCV or BCV
Color bar displacement:
F01a to in1, output1a to Rsin, output1b to GCV (lfo range switch to the right)
Wobbly mirror:
Rout to in1, output1a to GCV.
F01A to RCV Bout to in2, output2a to GCV.
F01B to BCV Oscillator
TYPE switches to the right.
LFO RANGE switch to the right, LFO TYPE switch in middle position.
Set all pitch knobs to low rate vertical, lfo to slow triangle wave.
For extra fun, patch out1b to G

Available as Module, DIY kit, PCB set
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