Triple Function Generator

The Function Generator is a very useful module to have in a video setup.
You can adjust the “Lights” , “Mids” and “Darks” in the input signal.
Effectively it works a bit like an equalizer, but you can also go negative. This will get you solarised effects.
This Triple edition can be used as a coloriser

3x channels with Lighs, Mids, Darks potmeter control
3x Switch for range offset
3x inputs
3x Outputs
Normalisation option

Power Use: 36 mA +12V / 66 mA -12V / 0 mA 5V
Suitable for HD: yes
Reverse polarity protection
14HP Red panel, grey / black knobs
Depth: 35mm
Signals: Video and Audio (optimised for 0-1v LZX format video)

Available as Module, DIY kit, PCB set
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