A noise and texture voice with 5 oscillators that go through a pseudo ringmodulator to create chaotic drones, swarming souds and clicks and blips on lower frequencies. There are 2 audio outputs (square swarm & filtered) and one LFO output.

3x Saw wave VCO with frequency pots and CV input jacks with offset potmeters.
2x Saw wave VCO with 2 touchpad controls (enable + pitch)
1x LFO (Ramp, Saw, Triangle) with rate control potmeter and jack output
1x Vactrol lowpass filter with CV input jack
1x Swarm output (squarewave like)
1x Filtered out (triangle like)

Power usage: 50mA +12v / 50mA -12v / 0mA +5v
Reverse polarity protection
12HP Black panel, grey / black knobs
Depth: 25mm
Signals: Audio

Available as Module, DIY kit and PCB set
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