build log

I’m building a Ming Mecca (World Core), a video controlled video game console from Special Stage Systems. It is an Eurorack project, but I am building it in a large scale format for an exposition in Norway (which is postponed for now) The expo will feature interactive audio/video works by Marieke Verbiesen and me.

The wooden lasercut panel will be about 60×40 cm and will feature large colorful knobs, a lot of switches and 3.5mm jacks.
The Control Core (the gamepad module) and other control modules will be racked with other eurorack modules to control the Mecca and give add sounds.

I have build up the PCB’s and made a cardboard mockup panel.
Everything had to be wired by hand, which was an enormous job. It took me four 3 hour sessions in 4 days (you have to remain sane, so not too much in one day 🙂
There were about 400 wires that had to be cut, tinned, soldered and isolated.

The firmware is uploaded with a Parallax Prop Plug. (note: you have to power the PCB, else it won’t work!)

Today (21-04-2020) I powered the Ming Mecca up for the first time.. and it works!
The videosynth’s output is in NTSC format. Luckily my LCD monitor can handle both PAL and NTSC!

Next up is setting the trimpots (voltage ranges for min and max screen positions) and testing all functions with CV control. And loading alternative packs for backgrounds and sprites.