Category: Video Tutorials

LZX Cadet Tutorial

Example patches for simple shape synthesis…

Advanced LZX Cadet patches

Asymmetric pattern and shape studies with a (slightly Modded) Cadet system….

LZX Castle tutorials

Here are two LZX Castle patch examples, as described by mr. Phil Baljeu himself on the LZX Community Forum….

LZX Castle patch template

Patch sheet template file for the new Castle modules for the LZX video modular.Knobs and switches are added to set parameters. This is a Illustrator file. Click the download link to get started!! main2Download I have to finish my DIY projects to make examples 🙂  just waiting on some extra parts !

LZX Cadet Patch sheets

I’ve made an Illustrator LZX Cadet module patch sheet template with knobs and switches that can be rotated / moved….