Category: Devices

CreepCluster Desktop

An updated and renewed desktop version of my CreepCluster drone synthesizer….

Castle Kastle

An even more custom Bastle Kastle modular synth…

Kustom Kastle

A custom boutique build of the Bastle Kastle synth with banana jacks and a nice wooden case….

Tentacle Machine

A new CreepCluster case build. With ceramic tentacle knobs, delay and distortion effects and more…

Temple Drone

A new build of the CreepCluster. Mahogany case with ceramic knobs….

Plum wood CreepCluster

The first case experiment with self cut plum wood (from my garden), this is a CreepCluster raw! (with starve mod)…

New Instruments

I made these new boutique standalone instruments.The cases are made from solid blocks of mahogany wood….

Standalone Creep box

This is the prototype of a standalone Creep Cluster drone synth….