Category: Devices

BananaKastle v3

new pictures and features, BOM and short guide added…

CreepCluster Desktop ‘luxe’ edition

With fancy knobs!…

CreepCluster Desktop

An updated and renewed desktop version of my CreepCluster drone synthesizer….

Castle Kastle

An even more custom Bastle Kastle modular synth…

Kustom Kastle

A custom boutique build of the Bastle Kastle synth with banana jacks and a nice wooden case….

Tentacle Machine

A new CreepCluster case build. With ceramic tentacle knobs, delay and distortion effects and more…

Temple Drone

A new build of the CreepCluster. Mahogany case with ceramic knobs….

Plum wood CreepCluster

The first case experiment with self cut plum wood (from my garden), this is a CreepCluster raw! (with starve mod)…

New Instruments

I made these new boutique standalone instruments.The cases are made from solid blocks of mahogany wood….

Standalone Creep box

This is the prototype of a standalone Creep Cluster drone synth….