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Castle Kastle

An even more custom Bastle Kastle modular synth…

Triple Function Generator project

For modular video DIY….


A five channel audio mixer with 3 outputs for easy feedback routing….

Noise module custom build

Emmanuel Haubry has build a cool noise variation ! Noise Xpanded…

FAQLab 30 june

Jaap Vink special – Feedback systems…

Pulse Modular Festival

Saturday June 15th in Opwijk, Belgium….

Wooden Serge Project

Large format Serge modules. The knobs are temporary, bigger / nicer ones will be fitted later!…

Kustom Kastle

A custom boutique build of the Bastle Kastle synth with banana jacks and a nice wooden case….

AUDIODIWHY builds the Noise! module

Charlie wrote another cool buildreview!…

Creeptree and Swamptree – new instruments