new pictures and features, BOM and short guide added

Full size 4mm Banana patchbay,
2 LFOs
WS MOD CV potmeter
4 mono jack to banana input/output sockets
dedicated output for the alternate mode

Frontpanel drawing of a Banana plant / spider mutation by Evava

The next (and hopefully) final version will offer a better and solderless connection between the pcb and banana sockets.

For the Proto v3 DIYers:


There are 2x LFOs and 1x VCO attiny ICs, I use the VCO_2 file, as it works better.
Here are tips on how to program the Attiny ICs from an Arduino:

If you have questions about the BOM, on where to order the parts or progamming the ICs, contact me !

Have a good time soldering 🙂