Category: Eurorack Video


3TrinsRGB-1c output expander…

BLUR – analog video effect

An analog Blur effect for video synthesis….

SNOW – Analog video noise

2 channel analog video (transistor based) noise source, with some nice additions…..

Video Experiment Board

A pcb made to experiment with video DIY projects!…

CMIX – a 6 channel video mixer

The CMIX is a 6 channel mixer for LZX format video signals.It is used for mixing several sources into complex patterns and shapes….

Video Matrix Mixer

a 4×3 matrix mixer for LZX modular systems….

Triple Function Generator

For modular video DIY….

Buffered sync busboard for video DIY

This buffered sync busboard is designed for connecting several Cadet / DIY modules that use the 14 pin sync bus.You need a Cadet Sync generator or Visual Cortex as sync source….

Triple Comparator v6

Triple voltage controlled comparator module for the Gijs Gieskes 3TrinsRGB-1c Videosynthesizer….