Triple voltage controlled comparator module for the Gijs Gieskes 3TrinsRGB-1c Videosynthesizer.

What is a comparator:
Comparators in video processing are used for keying.
You can use the patchbay outputs of the 3trinsRGB-1c
and compare these to a voltage threshold.
You can set the bias / offset with the potmeter or by CV input signals.
The outputs will be a hard-edged versions of the initial image.

Example video’s:

Each comparator has 1 signal input, 1 CV input, 1 bias potmeter and 2 outputs (positive and negative result)
The module is powered by the 3TrinsRGB patchbay. (HIGH and GND)
The PCB is compatible with the header patchbay of the 3TrinsRGB.

The module is designed to accept Eurorack CV voltages. (+10 volt envelopes and -5v +5v LFO signals)
Negative voltages will be clipped.

Build guide:

Comparator version 5:

Older versions:

Comparator version 4:

Build manual v4

Comparator version 3:

Build manual v3c

More info on this project can be found here:

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