A new eurorack module for noise and texture sounds – internship project

This project was developed during a 4 month internship by Freek / FRUKU at my company. Every week we had online meetings. Together we made this Noise module:

A noise and texture voice with 5 oscillators that go through a pseudo ringmodulator to create chaotic drones, swarming souds and clicks and blips on lower frequencies. There are 2 audio outputs (square swarm & filtered) and one LFO output.

Demo by Freek / FRUKU
DRONE module comparison by John Schussler

3x Saw wave VCO with frequency pots and CV input jacks with offset potmeters.
2x Saw wave VCO with 2 touchpad controls (enable + pitch)
1x LFO (Ramp, Saw, Triangle) with rate control potmeter and jack output
1x Vactrol lowpass filter with CV input jack
1x Swarm output (squarewave like)
1x Filtered out (triangle like)


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